Hose Company No. 1 came into being on March 5, 1896, although the Baldwin Fire Department was organized a couple of months earlier. Since that date, over 150 Baldwinites have appeared on the Company's membership rolls.

Hose Company No. 1 has always played an active part in the activities of the Baldwin Fire Department. In 1915, it purchased the first motorized hose cart in the Department.

In 1921, the Company became the proud owner of one of the fastest REO "Speedwagon" Hose Trucks in this part of the state. In 1951, the Baldwin Fire District purchased the 1000-gallon Ahrens Fox Pumper that is still in the possession of the Hose Company, and which has done valiant and yeomanly service not only in fighting fires in Baldwin, but also in Long Beach, Oceanside, and Freeport.

During the long and glorious history of the department, in state and country firematic parades and tournaments, Hose Company No. 1 has played a noble part, evidenced by the number of trophies and cups decorating the cabinets of its meeting room.

With the advent of the REO truck, the Company toured up and down Long Island winning prizes from Riverhead to Long Beach, and in 1922 was the State Champion in both motor hose and chemical contests for standard fire apparatus, winning those titles at the State Jamboree in Freeport.

The present active membership of the Company has taken great pride in following the example set in previous years by doing a thorough and efficient job in firefighting and training.